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Cotton socks

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What is Cotton?

The shorter fibers (below about 1cm) are removed from the cotton fibers with a comber, while the longer and neater fibers remain. The yarn quality from combed cotton is better. The fabrics made of combed cotton yarn have a high quality level in terms of texture, washability and durability. Combed cotton refers to the process of adding delicate carding during the spinning process. The method is to comb the shorter fibers and remove the impurities in the cotton to create a smooth yarn, which makes the cotton more tenacious and not easy to use. Pilling, the quality of cotton is more stable.

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It is a kind of fiber with high elasticity and stretchability, which is better than rubber in terms of tensile strength, tensile stress, abrasion resistance, aging resistance and chemical resistance.

Lycra can be stretched 4 to 7 times, and has a 99% recovery force after stretching

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