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Introducing the "150 Superfine Mercerized 100% Merino Wool Long Sleeve Zipper Stand Collar" for both men and women. Wowool is proud to collaborate with local wool mills in Taiwan with 50 years of experience. This model is crafted using premium merino wool sourced from Australia. The wool is meticulously transformed into yarn and then skillfully crafted into finished products. Rest assured, our wool yarn is authentic and consistently milled. With a fiber fineness of 16.5 microns, this garment promises to provide you with the utmost comfort and a truly detailed wearing experience.

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About Wowool

Amazing Wool

Based on my passion for outdoor sports, particularly mountaineering, I had the opportunity to discover the incredible benefits of Merino wool socks. This experience motivated me to leverage my connections in the sock-making industry and develop high-quality, affordable socks that capitalize on my expertise. Inspired by our brand name, Wow + Wool = Wowool, we strive to deliver astonishing wool products that cater to various activities and offer the most suitable socks for every occasion.

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Taiwan Smile Certification

100% MIT

Made In Taiwan

Wowool, a brand known for its Merino wool socks, proudly hails from Shetou Township, Changhua County, often referred to as "the hometown of socks." With a strong commitment to delivering exceptional quality to consumers, Wowool ensures that their products meet the highest standards. As a testament to their dedication, Wowool has successfully obtained the Taiwan Smile Mark certification, providing users with peace of mind and reassurance about the quality and safety of their socks.


Taiwan Smile Badge Tips:

To obtain the certification, Wowool Socks goes above and beyond by ensuring that every step of the production process takes place in Taiwan. This includes weaving, sewing, dyeing, finishing, shaping, and packaging. Additionally, Wowool meets rigorous standards by conducting tests to ensure their products are free from formaldehyde, do not contain any banned azo colorants, and exhibit excellent color fastness. These measures guarantee that Wowool's Merino wool socks not only meet the highest quality standards but also adhere to strict safety and environmental regulations.


User feedback

What They're Saying


Every ski day

choosing Merino socks has become my only option. When it comes to climbing the Baiyue Mountains in Taiwan, which typically involves long-distance routes, selecting Merino socks is undoubtedly the right decision.

For my recent single attack on the mountains of Baiyue County, I specifically chose Wowool's socks for the test. The round-trip distance covered was 6.79 km, taking a total of 7 hours. Right from the start, the noticeable thickened design of the front toes and heels provided excellent cushioning. The compression design around the arch area also offered a supportive feel.

Throughout the entire day of climbing, my feet remained refreshingly comfortable, and I didn't have to worry about any unpleasant foot odor. Merino socks truly delivered on their promise of performance and odor control.

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