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American Silver Fiber X-STATIC®x Merino Wool Mid Tube Platform Hiking Socks Pink

American Silver Fiber X-STATIC®x Merino Wool Mid Tube Platform Hiking Socks Pink

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  • In Taiwan, please go to the Shopee Store to place an order:Wowool Shop
  • Features: local pressure, excellent temperature control, sole air cushion, anti-odor and antibacterial, eliminate static electricity
  • Composition: 85% Merino Wool 10% X-static Silver Fiber 5% Lycra Silk
  • Origin: 100% made in Taiwan
  • Suitable for all day, Baiyue itinerary
  • About American Silver Fiber X-STATIC®:


Silver has an electrically conductive element. Static electricity is usually caused by the friction of two non-conductive substances, and the silver ions of X-STATIC® quickly dissipate the static electricity generated by friction, keeping the wearer comfortable.



After the actual test, it still has antibacterial function after 250 times of washing.


【Regulate body temperature】

Silver is one of the best heat conducting elements on earth. In hot weather, it can quickly conduct and dissipate the temperature on the skin, thereby lowering the body temperature. When it is cold, the radiant heat energy emitted by the body can be reflected back for storage.



X-STATIC® is made of sterling silver, does not contain any chemical agents, and has been proven not to be invasive to the human body. Many products made are also certified by the US FDA Food and Drug Administration.


  • size


  • Returns

    • Socks are personal items. If you unpack the socks tag, the seven-day appreciation period will not apply.
    • For returns/exchanges or refunds, please be sure to keep the full packaging and mail to within seven days of receipt of the item.
    • Refundable/Exchangeable Condition: The content or quantity of the product is incorrect, the product is defective (please provide a clear photo).
    • Non-refundable/exchangeable condition: size does not match, product does not match imagination, etc.
    • Wool is a natural fiber, and its pilling resistance is not as good as that of chemical fibers. If you mind, please do not place an order.
  • Washing & Care

    Hand washing is recommended to prolong product life. Do not use softener, bleach. Since it is made by hand dyeing, please separate it from other clothes and wash in low temperature water, and pay attention to some fading after washing 

  • Precautions

    • The color of the product will be slightly different due to the computer or mobile phone screen settings, please refer to the actual product color
    • The price does not include any camera accessories

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