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Women's long sleeve collared top Merino wool 150

Women's long sleeve collared top Merino wool 150

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Please note that this version is a little small, so you need to take one size larger than usual.



100% machine washable mercerized pre-shrunk wool


Thickness is 150gsm


Fiber fineness is 16.5u


Collared design


Made from microfibers woven into thinner, cooler wool


Wool’s curly fibers resist UV rays and achieve UPF30+ effect


*Note: If you want to use store-to-store pickup and payment, please add the official line: @wowool

The editor will open a store according to your needs.


Fitting report:

155cm 50kg Recommend M

162cm 59kg Recommended L

168cm 64kg XL recommended


  • Returns

    All are measured by hand for natural tiles. There may be an error of 1 to 3 centimeters. The sizes recommended by customer service upon invitation may have errors. This will not be used as a reason for returns. The color of the product will be slightly different due to computer or mobile phone screen settings. Please refer to the actual product color. .

  • Washing & Care

    • 前2-3次建議單獨洗滌或深淺衣物分開洗滌
    • 請使用中性洗劑
    • 避免長時間浸泡
    • 機洗請使用洗衣袋並用中低轉速
    • 手洗可延長使用壽命
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